Starting an online business can be exciting when you imagine how you will successfully market your products and services through the various social media platforms. Social media platforms are indeed the ideal ways to advertise your products and grow your brand. However, you need to ensure effective marketing strategies for effective marketing campaigns. If you are planning to focus more on your Instagram audience, then you may need to work hard to get more followers for your business. The process may be hard since no one knows you yet, and you will need to be creative to prove the efficiency of your brand among your audience. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to even hit 10,000 Instagram followers for your posts. All you need is a proper plan and effective strategies to convince your audience about your brand. This guide is, thus meant to provide effective tricks to get more free followers on Instagram for your business.

1. Clearly state your need to get more Instagram followers

You need to be thoughtful about your Instagram marketing strategy. State out why you need more Instagram followers. This would be ideal to get a perfect tactic on how to reach more followers based on your business goals. You would probably be interested in increasing brand awareness, boosting your business sales, or simply driving more traffic to your website. Stating out your goals will keep you focused on consistent posting, which will convince more followers to subscribe to your posts and become loyal to your brand.

2. Define your target audience

You need to know the kind of audience you are targeting for your brand. The questions highlighted herein should guide you on how to choose your target audience:

  • What is the age of your target audience? Are you targeting the youths or the elderly?
  • How frequently do they use Instagram?
  • Where do they live?
  • Do your audience work, and what do they do to make a living?

Finding honest answers to these questions will guide you to knowing the type of content to craft for your potential audience. This will also help you reach the right followers for your brand. For instance, if you are targeting the youth, then you may need to include visual videos and engaging content to grab their attention. You could also use an informal tone as you improve your relationships with them.

3. Create a consistent brand story

If you need to win more followers, then you need to post regularly. This builds your audience loyalty convincing them to subscribe to your Instagram posts. Your posts should also portray a similar message and go in line with the previous posts on your Instagram pages. You could get a specific person to post your brand stories on your pages to avoid distorting messages or posting irrelevant content on your page. This would ensure that your brand is easily recognizable, attracting more followers to your Instagram pages.

4. Craft an appealing bio and profile on your Instagram page

Many Instagram followers would, at times, check on a company’s profile on the Instagram pages to decide whether they should follow for more updates about the brand. You need to convince new followers about your company brand and what you promise to offer. Here’s a brief guide to crafting a great bio.

  • Name – write your business name in about 30 characters. Ensure that you use keywords that will ensure that your brand is easily recognisable.
  • Username – you do not need to make your username different from the name used in the other social media channels. Use the same username to help followers in other platforms reach out for your services through your Instagram posts.
  • Website – include your website link to help your followers get adequate information about your business brand.
  • Bio – you can write a short bio describing your business and the type of products and services that you intend to offer. The description should convey a convincing message o why new visitors should follow you.

5. Share engaging content

You need to share quality content that engages your audience through your posts. Provide options to allow your followers to comment, like, or share your posts with their friends. Your followers should also feel free to ask questions or give suggestions about your brand. Such engagements are ideal to foster stronger relationships with your audience and increase their loyalty as well. Your video posts should also be compelling and engaging as well.

6. Promote your Instagram posts on other social media platforms

Making your Instagram page discover-able by other potential audiences in other social networks may also be an effective way to get more Instagram followers. Let your Facebook followers or other followers on the other social networks know about your Instagram pages as well. You could do this by sharing a link and posting interesting content on why your existing social media followers should check out your Instagram page. However, you need to take some time to post regularly on your Instagram account before sharing the link to other networks.

7. Using relevant hashtags to your posts

Hashtags are ideal to make your posts and Instagram stories easily discoverable by your followers. It summarizes your content about your brand, giving a reason as to why your followers should go ahead to reading your content. Your hashtags should, however, be popular and portray some information related to your product, service, or your business.

8. Follow other relevant Instagram users

Following other users in Instagram also increases your chance of getting more Instagram followers. Once you follow other users on Instagram, they are likely to check out your feeds and hence follow you for more updates if your content suits their needs. It is thus important that you follow users who are interested in your brand.

9. Tag relevant users to your Instagram posts

Tagging people on your Instagram posts makes them feel honored. This thus encourages them to share your posts on their Instagram pages increasing your chances of getting more followers to your Instagram page.


Getting more Instagram followers may not be an easy task. You will need to work hard and get better strategies to convince more users to follow your Instagram pages for more updates about your brand. The tips highlighted here in should therefore guide you to getting more followers to Instagram page.


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