At present, Instagram happens to be a social media heavyweight with more than 1 billion users. Being a powerful mobile sharing social networking service, it allows the users to capture photographs as well as short videos and share those on other social media platforms like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and Tumblr. There are lots of opportunities for reaching your target audience at present and convert Instagram users into subscribers, traffic and sales for your personal business. In the subsequent paragraphs, we will mention several surefire guidelines for effectively promoting your brand on Instagram in 2020.

Customise content for the intended audience

Being an essentially visual medium, Instagram will help to complement your Twitter marketing strategies as well as Facebook advertising techniques. Apart from share ability, consider how the outstanding graphics and photographs will be able to attract the visitors and draw them into your sales funnel. Try to figure out what is done by the most popular brands in the world for optimising their Instagram space.

Always remember to make use of filters. Images “on-the-fly” might appear to be rather mundane at the first sight. For this reason, the filtering technology of Instagram will allow you to change your images into fantastic snapshots that demand attention and this will be the initial step for getting uses to take any action. Also, do not forget to create videos since videos can get quite high engagement rates on Instagram.

Direct individuals to your link sensibly

Although Instagram doesn’t permit hyperlinking in comments or photo captions, it will be possible for you to put a link in your bio section. This feature is used by the majority of the marketers right now for linking back to the homepage of their business, or the landing page of their present advertising campaign.

Although you might like to superimpose a URL across any image, it will be perhaps better to direct the visitors to the clickable link of your bio. In case you decide using paid advertising with Instagram, then links which are clickable will be available to you.

Bear in mind that Instagram happens to be a fantastic platform for building a following and for creating engagement with your audience. You might also like to drive individuals back to your site so that you will be able to build your email list while generating sales and leads as well.

Moreover, try to buy Instagram likes since it will help to convince your followers that your brand is in demand and will satisfy their requirements in the long run.

Limit messages and text descriptions to the bare essentials

Just like Twitter, Instagram doesn’t impose any character restriction on your posts. Nevertheless, you must allow the images to do the majority of the talking for your own interest. Apart from this, since shorter Twitter and Facebook messages draw more interaction as well as traffic, your Instagram audience isn’t likely to buck that particular trend.

Having said that, supplementary insights are offered by meaningful captions nowadays which helps to enhance your conversion as well as engagement rate. Make it a point to keep the captions short as well as punchy or at least keep the most essential information at the top in case you are contemplating on composing longer-form posts. Most individuals are going to go through what is immediately below the photos; however, few of them are going to expand the text for reading anything that is not visible to them initially.

Optimise engagement opportunities

Make it a point to make experimentation with hashtags. Since selecting the proper hashtags isn’t an exact science, look at what is being used by others in your niche and also consult with the prolific bloggers who provide intriguing word options quite often.

Accept any follow request and follow those individuals that present attractive images as well as teaching points for your personal marketing endeavor. Remember to inform individuals on your newsletters and website that you are on Instagram. Send out reminders to the subscribers periodically by informing them that you are offering content there. If you are able to get to your audience at more places like Facebook, email, Twitter, and so on, you will have a better opportunity of allowing them to see your message and taking any action you’d like them to take. Buy Instagram views to convince your audience that your brand will not disappoint them whatsoever.


Instagram is considered to be amongst the leading flag bearers for the contemporary, visual, mobile Internet. We like to conclude this article by asserting that it will be a sensible idea to buy Instagram followers and likes for promoting your brand on Instagram. Having more followers will inform the audience of the fact that your brand is quite popular as well as reliable. On the other hand, if the number of followers, likes, and views is less, people will be thinking that your brand is not up to the mark after all.

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