If you have decided to develop your Instagram account and attract more followers, it is important to understand that this task will require even more time, money and knowledge than ever.

When the new algorithm appeared in September 2018, one billion active users, including popular brands and successful bloggers, created serious competition for newbies and set standards that are not so easy to reach.

The good news is that there are some tricks and trends that could help you reach the desired number of followers. helping you get Instagram likes and followers more easily. So, here are our best answers to the question: how to increase Instagram followers?

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Just because Instagram is a highly competitive platform, it is crucial to publish powerful images that attract the attention of the user. There is a huge amount of content on Instagram. Not all people check their feeds carefully. Some people often omit those stories that don’t seem exciting / informative / relevant to them at first sight, while others simply scroll through their feeds quickly.

Therefore, the use of different templates can increase visitor participation, since new visuals are super catchy for “hurry” users.

Services like Canva or applications like Unfold have many free and sophisticated options for creating featured stories.

If you want to add pegatines, brush strokes, textures, backgrounds and texts to your stories, the A Color Story, A Beautiful Mess, or A Design Kit applications offer many decoration options and presets.

Professional editing software such as Adobe Spark Post is also a good option to edit texts and add graphics to your stories.

A good idea would be to post videos on your Instagram stories, because they generally generate a more efficient engagement. Applications like InShot offer a powerful video editing toolkit to add templates, music, backgrounds, clippings, etc.


When it comes to creating a consistent feed, choosing a topic would be a good idea. One of the decisive components of this aspect is the predominant color of the feed.

If you take a look at your favorite Instagram profiles, you will see that most of their owners use a certain color palette: dark, light, pastel, etc.

The choice of the predominant color is a matter of taste. However, don’t forget that every element of your Instagram profile should reflect the brand conception of your business / activity.

One of the best ways to generate and customize your own color palette is to use software such as the Adobe Color CC or Color Scheme Designer. Then you can apply one of thousands of free and paid filters from VSCO (or any other application with filters).

ColorKuler can tell you what color palette you are using in your Instagram account at the moment.

Creating a color palette is an optional step. Even so, it contributes a lot to the aesthetics of the profile. Don’t take it too seriously. If you want to publish a photo that does not completely match the palette, publish it!

Also, keep in mind that the implementation of a specific topic in the profile, in reality, involves much more than just using particular presets. It is also the message you are trying to convey to the audience with the help of subtitles.

If you check your favourite Instagram profiles, you will see that most of their owners choose a specific range of topics they love or love to write about them.


As for Instagram stories, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of using highlights. This relatively new option helps draw the attention of followers to the most important issues and the best content.

Featured Instagram stories serve as landing pages of the website. They present the main idea of ​​the company and allow people to become familiar with your activity without even subscribing to your updates.

If you don’t know what stories to make featured, think about the questions that may arise when someone wants to know more about your business. It probably makes sense to highlight your schedule, pricing policy, delivery terms, etc.


Last year Instagram implemented different tools to optimize and decorate stories. It is now possible to add music, pegatines, GIFs, questions and surveys to stories.

Still, do not hesitate to use such traditional things as location tags and hashtags.

Instagram collects all the stories with the location tags of your current place on the Explore page. People who examine current stories in this way will see yours and may even follow you.

A good way to get new followers is to add hashtags of an event, an exhibition, a concert, a show, etc. People often want to see everything live and look for more information with the help of hashtags.

In addition, the chances of being noticed increase. Explore the market or industry in which you are involved and select the relevant hashtags. Use them whenever possible in your tickets.


Statistics reveal that selfies usually get 38% more “likes” than photos of food, sunsets and puppies. Why not take advantage of this to get more likes, increase engagement and make yourself more visible to potential followers?

In social networks, people want to meet the person behind the profile.

Therefore, it would be a great idea to show your face when telling something about your business, plans, campaigns, employees and special offers. For example, by presenting new products and services, you share the “behind the scenes” process, etc.


If your account is ready to be shown to a wider audience, it’s time to promote it. The idea that launching an advertising campaign on Instagram is a very complicated task is just a myth, because this social network completes the most complicated part of the process for you.

There are different types of ads on this platform, from image ads and multi-photo carousels to Instagram story ads. Whichever type you choose, the most important thing is to find the target audience.

It is possible to train your target audience independently by mentioning the necessary age, sex and interest.

For example, an owner of a sportswear store in San Francisco primarily serves millennials, that is, the Z generation, who live in San Francisco and regularly attend a gym or sports club.

In addition, it is important to know what type of content you prefer to see your target audience.

To know the preferences of the target audience, analyze what types of publications generate more participation (likes, comments, republications, actions). In addition, you can use surveys to know these preferences directly. Examine what your competitors publish and how their followers react to different types of content.

You could also buy instagram followers, this is a very easy way to grow your instagram and get the feature of Swipe Up to promote products, but remember to keep in mind that the algorithm might detect it, although it doesn’t happen often, so do it on your own risk.

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