If you want to attract the right people for your business, Instagram can be the perfect place for you. Instagram has certainly grown to be the biggest and most influential social media platform with more than 500 million users daily. There are more than 20 million brand accounts on Instagram, and almost everyone follows at least one. Sound like a perfect opportunity? You should bear in mind that a vast majority of Instagram users are under the age of 35 and that men and women have almost an equal number of accounts. However, if want to get the right results and boost your online business, good analytics is a must. Therefore, we have prepared for you some pieces of advice on how to grow Instagram followers and spread your brand name.

Reach New Audience Using Instagram Content Analysis

The first step on growing your business in understanding your audience. Who they are? What do they want? How do they think? Try thinking like a psychologist using some technical tools that can help you. You need to know what your goal is and then, follow these steps:

  • Decide what you should post
  • Learn about the best time for posting
  • Decide what captions to use
  • Learn how to use captions in the right place
  • Decide about the number of hashtags you should use
  • Predict how your audience will react based on your previous posts
  • Get to know your competitors

Here is what can help you reach the right decision. Think in terms of the posts that gained most comments and likes. What type of posts works best for your audience? Do they react better to photos, stories or videos? See what the engagement rate for each post is. And think about the number of posts per week. Do you get more likes and comments when you post every day of the week, or when you post once or twice per week? If you’re not sure, try both and see how your audience reacts. Sometimes it is better to post as often as you can, but sometimes it can backfire. People will get annoyed by your constant posting and may unfollow you. So, be wise. Last, but not the least in the time you choose to post. Statistics have shown that the best time for posting on Instagram is around 2 pm and 3 pm. But, be careful with this. You can make a mistake if you don’t regard some additional information about your followers, e.g. where they live. If the majority of your followers are from the other side of the world, make sure to adjust your posting to their time zone. Keep track of when your competitors are posting and post according to that.

Improve Your Discover-ability With The Right Hashtags

Many people don’t think much about what hashtags they use. Some of them don’t use them at all, and others choose the right hashtags that come to their minds. This is a crucial mistake that can be avoided very easily. Your reach and grow Instagram followers (the number of all the unique accounts that have seen your post) can be increased tremendously if you use hashtags in the first place, and then if you choose the right ones. Don’t just choose the popular ones, think about your brand authority (a trust that you earned from your followers) and post those hashtags that will be most useful for them. Even better is creating your OWN unique hashtags (branded hashtags) that your current followers will use. In that way, your brand’s popularity will spread rapidly. There are, as well, other types of hashtags apart from branded hashtags that you may want to use.

  • location hashtags
  • niche hashtags
  • community-related hashtags

There is also one very convenient tool you can use to keep track of your hashtags analytics. This tool is called Socialinsider. Using this tool can help you get:

  • the most popular hashtags used with your hashtags
  • the average engagement for used hashtags for every post
  • the ranking of other hashtags used with yours
  • the types of posts that used your hashtag ranked according to popularity (photo, video, etc.)

Improve Your Stories Views Using Special Analytics

There is an Instagram analytics designed especially for stories. It can help you get to know your audience better and choose your content according to that. On the right corner of your Instagram account, there is an ‘insight’ button that helps you. With this button, you can get information about your Instagram stories. These data include:

  • the number of views
  • the number of people who exited your story
  • the number of people who forwarded your story
  • the number of people who saw your story several times

The logic behind the analytics is simple. If you have more exits and forwards than average, your story is probably not interesting enough. If, however, many people saw your story more than once, you did a great job.

If you want us to tell you what is the best day to post a story, we have to disappoint you. Nobody really has the right answer to that question. It all depends on the type of audience. So, please, keep track of your audience yourself, but, don’t worry. There is a way to do that.

Analyse Your Audience To Choose The Best Posting Time

In order to grow your reach and for each post, you have to analyse your audience and find the right posting time. Under the button Insight, you can select the Audience and here find the list of top locations with both cities and countries. Following these results, you can see what is the dominant time zone and adjust your posting time according to that. Not that hard, right?

Buy Instagram Followers

Someone may ask ‘Why would I have to buy followers?’. Well, if you think about that, the answer is very simple. Every beginning is hard, and sometimes you need a little boost from the start to help your business grow. The more followers you have, the more valid your brand name is. If you choose to try this, there are many services that you can choose from. You can decide whether to buy many followers at once or subscribe to a steady growth. Finally, you’ll have to pay for them and an average price for 1000 followers varies from $13.00 to $30.00. Choose wisely.

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