Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world. Instagram account has long ceased to be exclusively an image component. This is a major source of customers, but before the system takes effect, you need to work on page promotion.

Keep in mind that this is a very competitive environment with more than 1 billion users, smart algorithms and creative brands. And if you really want to stand out from other bloggers or companies, it’s not enough just to create an attractive page, you need to work diligently and persistently on promotion.

Before you begin to take any action, you need to decide on a global strategy. You need to set a clear goal and, on its basis, think over the global themes of your account. Make a content plan for the coming month, in which briefly indicate what exactly you want to tell your followers. You need a clear understanding of what audience of users your account is designed for and how it will attract potential subscribers.

The research of competitors will help. Find 3-4 accounts in your niche on the social network and find out:

  • what content attracts the most attention from the audience
  • the frequency with which competitors have new publications;
  • maximum and average readership rate for your niche accounts;
  • what response can be expected;
  • what methods competitors interact with the audience.

The received information should be updated periodically, performing regular monitoring of competitors. This data will be useful for developing the right promotion strategy, but in no case do you need to completely duplicate the competitor model. To succeed, you have to be even more creative and smarter.


Actively use geolocation in your posts. Choose the places where your target audience most often happens and mark their geolocation at a convenient opportunity. This will help show your potential subscribers what you have in common with them. If you have a travel blog, then when you write about a specific place, be sure to note its geolocation.


Comments on Instagram

By posting witty comments under posts of other profiles, brands and bloggers discover new potential subscribers. Naturally, the more readers on the page where the comment is left, the more people will see it and pay attention to the profile of the author.

This is a smart tactic for interacting with users, which has long been adopted by popular brands and bloggers. In addition, the new Instagram algorithms now show the last two comments directly below the post. It is difficult to come up with a simpler way to promote an account than to hype using comments on pages that have already been developed.

A little trick: the easiest way to attract the attention of users is to write something with which most will disagree and make you argue.

Blastgrow service

Instagram promotion is a complicated routine. If you want to get 10 thousand followers, but don’t want to overwork and spend hours on end in the network, it is recommended to use the services we offer.

Blastgrow service is one of the best of its kind. Using it opens access to additional functionality for promotion and gives a lot of advantages.

If the promotion of your Instagram account seems complicated and tedious, entrust it with Blastgrow and get the desired result in a short time and with minimal time costs.

Games for activity

An easy way to reach an audience is games for activity. Such game content is a clear trend. It includes tests, puzzles, comic predictions, emoji games, like times, and much more.

For example, at the peak of popularity are like-times, which allow you to collect a large number of comments. You can also invent games, make comment time, offer to solve a problem or guess a false fact. Any method that can motivate user activity under your posts is good.

Instagram paid advertising

The Instagram algorithm is very fond of advertisers. Ordering ads using the built-in functionality is an easy way to get your desired audience reach. With the help of targeted advertising, you can quickly gain subscribers and promote your posts on the social network, because who else but the instagram developers know how to bring the post to the forefront.

Blogger Ads

Another popular way of promotion is to order advertising from bloggers. Sometimes it brings even greater fruit than an obsessive official advertisement.

Now in blogs you can find advertisements of both little-known personalities and projects, and well-known successful brands. This is explained by the fact that native advertising passes the internal filtering for anti-spam better and causes more confidence. True, securing the support of a person trusted by a huge audience is expensive. This will be rational only if the audience of the blogger is fully suitable for the portrait of your potential subscriber.

Voting, polls, stickers

Get your audience involved. Conduct polls, ask users to share their opinions and answer the question. This will not only affect activity statistics, but also help to attract followers.

Marathons and flash mobs

Try to take part in all kinds of marathons and flash mobs. These online events allow you to make yourself known. In addition, bots and advertising pages are not involved in them. Flash mob participants are usually open-minded people who are easy to get in touch with. It will also allow you to recruit live subscribers who are happy to share their emotions and opinions in the comments and posts.


Motivate users to subscribe to your channel or be active in the framework of contests. For example, at the end of the week / month a random subscriber who likes this post will receive a prize in the form of a free copy of your product, free PR or other amenities.


Giveaway is essentially the exact the same contests, they are only held through the untwisted pages of bloggers. You pay money for the opportunity to organize such a competition and also sponsor the prize, and in return receive the attention of the audience of the opinion leader, blogger, and so on.

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